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Where do we need more rental properties?

The latest research by nationwide buy-to-let specialist, Sequre Property Investment , has revealed which regions of England present the most promising opportunities for buy-to-let landlords based on a shortage of stock in the current rental market.

By analysing the overall stock levels of private rented homes in each region of England and comparing it with the number of available...

Landlords are failing tenants with cheap, dated and unhygienic furnishings

Manor Interiors , the expert in build-to-rent furnishing solutions, has found that the vast majority of UK tenants have found themselves living with furniture that is unfit for purpose having moved into a furnished rental property.

For many tenants, a furnished rental property is the preferable option as it saves a great deal of hassle on moving day, while others simply don’t own...

Pandemic uncertainty pushes more tenants towards long-term tenancies

Research from build to rent specialists, Ascend Properties , has further highlighted the important role of the sector in meeting the needs of the modern-day tenant, as an overwhelming majority say they want longer-term tenancies.

The survey of over a thousand UK tenants commissioned by Ascend found that 93% of those asked think that tenancies longer than 12 months should be more...

Renters: The dos and don’ts of doing up your home - according to property experts

  • Renting a property has become cheaper than buying for the first time in over six years
  • Searches for ‘houses to let near me’ have increased by 377%
  • Experts reveal the dos and don’ts of renovating a rented property

The pandemic has led to a change in the costs of buying and renting a home across the UK. And according to recent figures, renting is now...

UK Families Can Lose Up to £400 Million In Rental Deposits Because Of Household Damages Caused By Kids

Recent research has shown that curious kids can cause up to £400 of damage around the house before the age of three. With one million private renters who have children in the UK, this can amount to £400 million in deposit deductions.

Digging into recent data, London based Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon have researched and compared the most common and costliest household damages...

500,000 more of us are now renting - These are the areas with the biggest increases

The latest research by nationwide buy-to-let specialist, Sequre Property Investment , has revealed where across the nation has seen the biggest swing towards renting when compared to homeownership in recent years.

Sequre analysed data on dwellings across each area of England since 2012 and found that currently, 19.5% of the 24.4m dwellings across England sit within the private rental...

Build to rent is leading the pet rental revolution

Research from build to rent specialists, Ascend Properties , has revealed which lifestyle features the build to rent market is currently catering for most to appeal to the modern-day resident, based on an analysis of current stock available on the market.

Pet rentals have been a hot topic in recent times and despite the government’s changes to the model tenancy agreement preventing a...

Rental incomes climb by as much as 68% since the last financial downturn

Research from Build to Rent specialists, Ascend Properties , has revealed which areas of the English rental market have performed the strongest since the 2008/09 recession where the growth in average rental income is concerned.

Ascend analysed rental market values during the last property market crash and found that the average rent in England fell from £699 per month in 2008 to £678...

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Build to Rent pipeline already expected to boost sector value by £10.9bn in 2021

Research from Build to Rent specialists, Ascend Properties , has revealed how the sector is poised to gain further momentum due to the number of units currently under construction.

Previous research by Ascend found that where pandemic completions across the BTR sector were concerned, London had seen a 28% uplift, while elsewhere across the UK completions were down -33%.


Rental Market

Rental Market not enough Supply

A worrying trend of the last few months has been a distinct lack of suitable property available to rent. There are numerous reports of tenants queueing up and competing for the right property and in some cases ANY property. The government needs to take this worrying trend on board and stop constantly bombarding landlords with extra legislation. If the number of landlords as predicted (around...