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The top house exterior trends for Summer 2021 revealed

House Exterior Ideas that will be Trending Summer 2021

Upgrading the look of the exterior of your home is a fantastic way to improve the curb appeal of your property. With recent reports suggesting that since the coronavirus pandemic began, a huge 25%1 of the nation have been investing more money into their homes, there simply hasn’t been a better time to focus on home improvement.


Katie Court

Katie Court




6 Tips To Keeping Your Home Limescale Free

With winter in full swing and the pandemic still upon us, Brits household appliances and plumbing will be suffering from lockdown limescale, as more of us work from home and use hot water this season.

Once hard water is heated it creates a chalky off-white crust that creates limescale that is hard to clean off and makes appliances look tired and worn. Limescale can be found in...

Open Fire

How to keep heating costs down while working at home this winter

With the combination of more people working from home and the colder temperatures of winter, heating bills for most people across the UK are rocketing.

The cost of energy bills have long been a big concern for UK households, but there are lots of simple things you can do to keep cosy and reduce your fuel bills during the current wintery period.

Here are some top tips from...

Dealing with winter damp: Top causes and how to treat it

Experts at Good Move give their top tips for dealing with damp in your home

Damp is something no homeowner wants to deal with. Essentially, damp is just excess moisture in your home that can’t escape and can cause plenty of problems, some costing a pretty penny.

A room with damp may feel cold and unpleasant, and if ignored, it can even result in more serious structural...


Dodgy Home DIY Jobs Could Cost You £20 000 to Fix

  • Knocking down a wall could have catastrophic financial consequences - £20,000 plus to be exact!
  • The second priciest dodgy DIY job is wiring electrics with potential costs of £2,000 plus
  • Fitting new flooring is another popular DIY project inciting hefty costs to fix - £1,200 !

According to Google trends, there was a 59% and 21% increase * in...

Top DIY google searches

UK homeowners’ most Googled DIY questions in 2020

The UK has always been a nation of do-it-yourself, and this year more than ever - with two national lockdowns and limited access for professional tradespeople - people have had to carry out quick fixes around the home independently.

Thankfully, basic home improvement skills can be taught and learnt by simply typing the issue into Google. So to see where homeowners have struggled the...

South West home renovators spend an average £22,851 on achieving the perfect home

House Proud South West Spend £22,851 Getting the Perfect Home

A poll of UK house renovators has revealed that those in the South West spend an average £22,851 on achieving the perfect home.

People living in the region have splashed out, with 14% splurging up to £35,000 to make their houses look their best.

And an overwhelming 88% said having an ideal place to live has become more important than ever during the Covid pandemic.


Norwich is the UK’s DIY capital

The UK's top DIY hotspots

It’s official, Norwich, the city famous for Colman’s mustard, Alan Partridge, and Admiral Insurance, is the UK’s DIY capital!

That is according to research conducted by The Metals Warehouse , the UK’s leading supplier of custom-cut metals.

Its data has shown that the East Anglian city, which is also renowned for its ‘on the huh’ phrase, a Suffolk saying meaning something is...

DIY increased over lockdown

A Love of DIY is the Real Lockdown Legacy

This September is National Home Improvement Month (NHIM), and as the name suggests - it’s an awareness campaign organised by the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) encouraging people to improve their homes during the month of September. And it comes at exactly the right time as research conducted by BHETA found that the lockdown has encouraged much of the nation to dabble in...

Home improvements

Renovation Nation: UK homeowners spend £55bn on renovations during lockdown

With most of the nation stuck indoors due to lockdown restrictions, homeowners across the UK are investing in lockdown makeovers, new research reveals.

The 2020 Renovation Nation Report , by mortgage comparison site , has found that UK’s homeowners have invested an average of £4,035.70 each on home renovations, since the lockdown began in March. And it seems that Brits...

mosaic table and chair

How to up-cycle a mosaic table

We all have that odd side table or spare chair that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the furniture in our home, but before you get rid of it or hide it away in a spare room, think about ways you could give it a new lease of life!

While many may think of upcycling as a challenging process, there are many projects are much simpler and cost effective than you might think, especially...