Five Upgrades that Add Value to Your Home

As you plan your next renovation project, it's more important than ever to understand what upgrades can boost home value. Our homes have been at the centre of huge change and re-evaluation, and the world looks a lot different than it did just a handful of years ago. A wide range of improvements, suitable for all budgets and levels of ability and passion, can increase the value of your property, whether...

Ellie Green

Ellie Green



50% of Brits are desperate to make their homes bigger

New research reveals that half of Brits say returning to the office has allowed them to fall in love with their home again, with 38% saying they are enjoying it more now.

The research carried out by self-storage company Attic Self Storage found that nearly half (48%) of Brits have made changes to their homes in the last two years during lockdown. The most popular improvements include...

Homebuyers set to spend thousands on home improvements in 2022 property

Homebuyers set to spend thousands on home improvements in 2022

After a busy year for the UK property market, has revealed the New Year’s resolutions homebuyers are setting for their home and the improvements they’re planning to spend thousands on in the process.

Above and beyond the aspiration of owning our own property, we also like to make our house a home and for many, this means putting our own personal stamp on it. So it’s...

Working outside? Don’t ignore hidden dangers of electricity

Working outside or doing DIY in the garden carries hidden dangers that can result in life-changing injury and even death, warns Western Power Distribution (WPD).

In an incident in Crediton, Devon in 2020, the driver of a tipper lorry died after his vehicle made contact with an overhead powerline.

Before starting work outside, people often forget to look out for overhead...

screen printing

DIY screen printing t-shirts at home

Screen printing is much easier than you probably think. It also does not cost nearly as much to get started as most people believe. Sure, you can spend a fortune outfitting your entire basement or garage with fancy screen printing equipment that’s capable of customizing garments with lightning speed.

The frame

A frame is fundamental for screen printing. You can buy a cheap...


How to change your radiators and save money whilst they aren't in use this summer

Save over £130 this summer by replacing your radiator and following these tips

With June having provided us with our first glimpse of summer after a prolonged heatwave, the thought of turning our heating on and the costs that come with it is a long gone thought, but new advice is telling us now is the perfect time to make changes to your radiators.

The guidance comes from online...

Paint Spilled on Carpet

Insurance giant reveals two thirds of DIY claims caused by decorating

DIY DISASTERS: 65% of DIY claims caused by decorating - Insurer urges homeowners to take care when doing DIY to avoid costly mishaps
  • 40% of homeowners have never considered how condition of home impacts insurance
  • Accidental damage claims account for 47% of all home insurance claims during the pandemic
  • 44% of homeowners don’t think they’ve EVER had an electric
  • ...
Do it yourself

11 Expert Tips to Save £11,560 on a DIY Home Renovation

Kitchen – a saving of £7,000

Professional cost: £8,000

DIY cost: £1,000

Refresh your kitchen’s aesthetic with vinyl wrap

Parminder Mew, Construction Director at Darcy Construction, says, “If your worktops are looking a little outdated and you’re seeking an instant solution, covering them with a quartz overlay is a fantastic trick. Quartz overlays simply slot over your...

What’s better: A dry or wet roof fixing method?

For many years, people building houses have chosen the wet roof system as the main roofing option. This is because it is a cheap and easy to install method that consists of sand and cement mortar ridge. It is also very easy to find a roofer to build this type of roofing system.

Nevertheless, the wet ridge roofing method, which has been in existence for more than a century, is no...

Electric Towel Radiator

5 ideas to inspire your next renovation or DIY project

In Spring, it's not rare to see an increase in home renovation projects, whether that's larger undertakings like home extensions or a small room refresh. It's the perfect season for renewal, and the nicer weather usually means that outdoor projects can be carried out smoothly.

If you're looking for inspiration on renovation projects you can complete this year, in this post, I'll...

DIY Tools

Brits left feeling disappointed and embarrassed by their DIY skills

Over a fifth of Brits can’t name THESE common DIY items

  • A third of Brits feel disappointed and embarrassed by their DIY skills
  • Nearly half would rather ask YouTube than a friend for DIY help
  • 79% can’t identify a circuit breaker and 56% can’t name a clamp

More than one in eight of us have taken up DIY in the past year, but a recent study has...

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