Different types of hammers: Unmatched performance with advanced technology

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Wednesday, July 19, 2023 - 05:48

Hammers are essential tools when it comes to industrial and household projects. They are simple, versatile, and reliable tools. Hammers have come a long way from a simple head and handle.

Today's hammer offer unmatched performance and efficiency. Their transformation has literally changed the game in the tool industry. This blog will explore the different types of hammers that are equipped with advanced technology.

Steel Claw Hammer

Traditional hammers have not transformed into modern designs with advanced technology. They are reinvigorated into a lightweight fiberglass handle and steelhead. These types of hammers are effective in reducing fatigue and providing maneuverability. It goes without saying that the steelhead is there to provide exceptional power while striking. The innovative claw design helps remove nails efficiently.

Claw Hammer

The classic claw hammer is also reinvented. Its handle feature is reinforced with modern materials, including fiberglass or steel. The hammer has also undergone ergonomic improvements like enhanced grip, anti-vibration technology, and a more comfortable and user-friendly claw.

Steel Ball-Pein Hammer

The ball-pein hammer is usually used for blacksmithing and metalworking. It is reinforced nu combining steel heads with the traditional wooden handle. When combined, these features give a balanced and precise striking experience. This advanced design is useful for accurately shaping, riveting, and striking metal surfaces. Therefore,  it is an indispensable tool for craftsmen.

Steel Sledgehammer with Fibreglass Handle

Tasks that require significant force are usually carried out by sledgehammer. You will find this tool in the house builders toolbox. The balance of carbon steel with a fiberglass handle in a sledgehammer provides high strength and shock absorption. These features help reduce the risk of handle breakage. This sledgehammer delivers powerful strikes. Thus, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications like driving stakes, demolition, or breaking concrete.

Steel Lump Hammer with Wood Handle

If your tasks demand force and precision, then a steel lump hammer with a wood handle would be ideal for your needs. Wooden handles are known for offering a comfortable grip, while the carbon steel head provides substantial striking power. These kinds of hammers are suitable for settings such as construction, metalworking, and masonry.

Steel Ball-Pein Hammer with Wood Handle

A steel ball-pein hammer with a wooden handle is excellent for metalworking,  specifically for shaping and bending metal. Combining steel head and wooden handle gives high striking power and control.

Anti-Vibration Technology

Apart from innovative features, the hammer also incorporates anti-vibration technology. Simply put prolonged use of tools such as hammers can lead to discomfort and hand fatigue. Sometimes, these things can contribute to long-term health issues because of the vibration that transfers from the tool to the user's arm and hand. Luckily, anti-vibration technology was invented to subside this issue and mitigate its risk factors by minimizing the vibration and reducing its impact on the user.

With the changing times, you need to upgrade yourself to use the resources available to you optimally. You can benefit your body and work by incorporating hammers with shock-absorbing materials, dampening systems, and ergonomic grips. Moreover, you should choose hammers according to their specific functioning. Today you can have hammers that are made for specific settings such as metalworking, construction, and demolition.