Creating a cosy home space this Autumn property

Creating a cosy home space this Autumn

As the darker hours creep in and the weather gets colder, seasonal interior property changes are well underway.

It’s time to wrap up and keep warm as October approaches, and with over one million #cosyhome hashtags on Instagram alone, Prestigious Textiles ’ head designer Marie Goodwin has shared how to create a cosy space this autumn.

From colour schemes to dimmed lighting, here are...

Katie Court

Katie Court




Make the Interior of Your House Beautiful without an Interior Designer

How to Beautify Home Interior without an Interior Designer?

Not everyone can manage to hire an inner designer when it appears to renovate the house. Everybody wants to make their home look awesome with new creative designs, but this all involves money.

It can be tolerably challenging for you to manage to employ such an excessive volume of money. Well, if that is the case, you do not need to worry because there are some simple DIY tips to make...

How to change your radiators and save money before winter

Save over £130 before winter by replacing your radiator and following these tips

As we head towards the colder months of the year, the thought of turning our heating on and the costs that come with it fills us with dread, but new advice is telling us now is the perfect time to make changes to your radiators.

The guidance comes from online designer radiator specialist,...

Top 10 Autumn Interior Design Trends for 2021, According to Pinterest

  • Nature-inspired interior is the most popular interior design trend of autumn 2021 with a massive 287,506 Pinterest pins !
  • In second place, the classy classic contemporary interior trend is back with 190,090 Pinterest pins
  • Privacy is needed this autumn! In third place, room dividers already have 108,708 Pinterest pins
  • From the runway to interiors, silver
  • ...

Couple Buy Their First Home After Covid Cancelled Wedding

WITH their wedding plans on hold, Jade Logan and Louis Burrows decided to make another long-term commitment and buy a home together.

Diverting some of the money that would have been spent on their big day towards a deposit, the couple purchased a four-bedroom detached home at River View Garden Village in Lydney.

“I couldn’t have managed another lockdown in the two-bedroom...

Size doesn't matter!


White kitchen units are the number one choice if you want to feel happy in your kitchen, with 1 in 6 people believing that a crisp white kitchen would bring them the most joy.

Leading kitchen retailer Magnet has commissioned research into the key design components and...

Cat near overturned house plant

10 popular houseplants that are toxic to pets

Growing indoor plants has become hugely popular in the past year. And whilst indoor greenery can live up a home and boost mental wellbeing, some plant species can also be harmful to us and our pets.

With Google searches for 'toxic plants to cats' rising by 50% in the past week*, London Furniture Disposal sought to find out which houseplants are the most harmful and how common they...

clutter and junk

The cheapest way to increase the square footage of your South West home

Lifestyle hack: how to save tens of thousands AND increase your living space

Looking for extra space? Stop searching Rightmove. Recent research by Ready Steady Store has found the cheapest way to increase the square footage of your home - without even moving. In fact, it could even save you over £22,500…

Whether it’s the Christmas tree that makes an appearance once a year or some...

Green is The New Grey: The Interior Trend Taking Over Our Homes

Grey has been a default colour in interiors for quite some time now, but recently there has been a resurge in green homeware. The world in general has been extremely grey over the last 18-months, so it is perhaps no surprise that we’ve looked to remove the dull shade from our homes and instead inject a new level of personality into the spaces that we’ve spent so much time in throughout this...

Blue China On Sideboard

Treasure trove: are you sitting on a gold mine at home?

The past year has seen Brits spend most of their time at home, purchasing items online that end up in the loft or spare room after just a few months, and data shows that we have hoarded over £80 billion worth of possessions*.

With the value of many hoarded items rising, new research has revealed the items that you should look out for in your home and where a thorough search of the...

Feng Shui

Perfecting your property Feng Shui could see you sell for £45,000 more

Research by Manor Interiors , the experts in build-to-rent furnishing solutions, has revealed that whether you buy into it or not, perfecting your property’s Feng Shui could see you sell for £45,000 more on average compared to a property giving out negative vibes.

Feng Shui is the principle that the design and spatial arrangement of your building can produce a harmonious flow of...

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