Top indoor plants to boost your wellbeing

Six houseplants to boost your mood this winter

It’s a well-known fact that spending time in nature is good for your wellbeing, so what better way to boost your mood than to bring nature inside. With search volumes for “house plants delivered” increasing by 400%, and “buy houseplants online” by 200% since lockdown, Wren Kitchens have revealed the best houseplants to have in your home to help boost your mood:

1.Aloe vera

The gel...

Laura Bond

Laura Bond




Styling tips to get your tree Insta-ready

Styling tips to get your tree Insta-ready

The countdown to Christmas is officially on, with Halloween and Bonfire Night behind us, Brits are looking ahead to the festive season, with many households starting to decorate even earlier than usual.

According to new research by Censuswide for Dobbies, which explored the Christmas trends and opinions of over 2,000 UK adults, decorating the tree brings the most joy to a quarter (25...

Google trends provides a glimpse into the UK’s cleaning habits

UK's Lockdown Cleaning Habits Revealed

The UK’s Cleaning Habits According to Google

Ever wondered how clean we are as a country? Fancy seeing how much effort we put into sprucing up our oven racks? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve wrangled some data from Google that provides a glimpse into the UK’s cleaning habits, including specific valuables, parts and appliances that get the most attention when it’s time for a spring...

Homeware hottest brands

2020's Most-Searched Homeware Brands Revealed

Whether you’re looking for a home revamp, craving Scandinavian simplicity or fancy creating an AW20 inspired cosy retreat in time for the colder months, it’s only right that we should shine a spotlight on the hottest brands that every renter or homeowner needs to know about.

From High-End to High Street, we’ve taken a list of 32 top rated homeware brands in the UK and used a weighted...

South West home renovators spend an average £22,851 on achieving the perfect home

House Proud South West Spend £22,851 Getting the Perfect Home

A poll of UK house renovators has revealed that those in the South West spend an average £22,851 on achieving the perfect home.

People living in the region have splashed out, with 14% splurging up to £35,000 to make their houses look their best.

And an overwhelming 88% said having an ideal place to live has become more important than ever during the Covid pandemic.


DIY increased over lockdown

A Love of DIY is the Real Lockdown Legacy

This September is National Home Improvement Month (NHIM), and as the name suggests - it’s an awareness campaign organised by the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) encouraging people to improve their homes during the month of September. And it comes at exactly the right time as research conducted by BHETA found that the lockdown has encouraged much of the nation to dabble in...

Vertical radiator on brick wall

Top tips for stylish radiators

Experts give their tips on how to make radiators look stylish

Often an overlooked, intrusive home necessity, radiators aren’t the most loved home appliance. With British weather unpredictable though, they are imperative for maintaining a cosy home all year round.

Essential in every home, radiators often get a bad rep for being clunky, ugly or out of place.

With 190...

Home improvements

More than half of Brits prioritising home improvements post-lockdown

Over half of Brits are prioritising plans to update their home as the Covid-19 restrictions continue to be eased in the UK, with one in eight expecting to spend money on improvements within the next six months.

According to the research commissioned by Safestyle , 55 per cent of UK adults are prioritising home improvement plans, with around a quarter intending to redecorate inside (...

monicas apartment in friends

Monica's apartment in Friends gets a makeover

SpareRoom redesigns Monica’s apartment from Friends, showing how it would look with the living room taken away and converted into more bedrooms

It follows new research by SpareRoom revealing that a quarter (26%) of flatshares in the UK don’t have a living room

83% of flatsharers who have living rooms believe this space is important for their wellbeing, helping them form...