Stylish living room

Cost-efficient ways to enhance the decor while renovating your home

We heard you are looking to renovate your home soon? Well, what if we tell you that you don’t have to empty out your pockets entirely to create your ideal living space? Because it is true!

With just a few hacks and smart choices that you make while you plan your home renovations, you can create your home setting straight out of a premium home decor magazine under your desired budget. Keep...

Katie Court

Katie Court




House Planning

How to make better use of the space in your house

Making better use of the space in your house is easy when you put your mind to it. There are lots of different ways that you can utilise the available space in your house, and with a few adjustments, you can turn previously un-usable spaces into functioning rooms. If you’re ready to make the most of your home, just keep reading.

Convert empty space into storage

Most of us have empty...


Top tips for ensuring safe electricity usage at home

Every home requires access to electricity, whether the reasons are for fun or functionality.

Unfortunately, the safe an d steady provision of power isn’t as simple as merely flicking a switch. Concerns are not uncommon, and there’re certainly many things one must consider before being truly content in matters of their energy usage. After all, it’s often homeowners themselves who’re...

Kitchen sink

Spring Clean your kitchen with these easy hacks

  • Wren Kitchens reveal top tips to Spring Clean your kitchen
  • From freezers to dishwashers, find out the best ways to clean your kitchen appliances from the kitchen experts

It’s starting to get warmer; the days are getting longer, and the warm light is making it a little more obvious where you haven’t dusted in a while… it’s time for a spring clean!


Brook View show homes Leigh

Summer vibes and adventure showcased in Leigh show homes

TWO brand new show homes are set to offer inspiration and creativity and promise to take visitors on a new home adventure at Brook View, Leigh.

Opening their doors this weekend (April 10th/ 11th) at the Bettison Avenue development are a three-bedroom Rutland and a two-bedroom Arran.

Unlike other show homes, it’s not just the adults who’ll walk away feeling...

Dishwasher app

The SMART technology items that save you the most money

The past decade has seen a rise in high-tech appliances, with over 15 million homes* using SMART technology. And according to a recent study, over half of Brits (59%) think it is important to have appliances fitted with the latest technology in their home.

The benefits of SMART technology are huge and vary from remote switch-on, to voice controlled food ordering, to saving money on...

From bedroom to boardroom

Nearly two thirds of all Plymouth home workers have felt the need to redecorate since lockdown began, a new study reveals.

A new survey carried out by design-led online furniture brand, Swoon, has revealed that Plymouth’s living habits have been changed forever since lockdown, with more than half (58%) stating they have lost part of their homes to remote working, reconfiguring, or...

Hay fever

Expert reveals how to allergy-proof your home

With the weather warming up and lockdown measures slowly easing, one thing that worries one in five Brits is hay fever.

Whatever your plans this Easter bank holiday weekend, pollen outside and dust inside will be a growing issue for many. But there are things we can do to reduce the struggle at home!

Ivan Ivanov, spokesperson from End of Tenancy Cleaning London , has...

Muddy paw prints

Great Britain: The car-pet mad nation


Lockdown Brits have turned to dogs and carpet cleaner to get them through a year of quarantine.

According to a recent study*, 3.2 million UK households acquired a pet since the beginning of the pandemic. That, combined with a huge rise in the hours the nation spends at home...

Small living room

8 Innovative ways that will help you fit in furniture when you have small spaces

The increasing trend of small spaces in the US and other developed countries comes with its peculiarities. It can be very difficult to make the transition from having a big space to having a small but it has amazing benefits such as a smaller carbon footprint.

Small spaces present a wide range of challenges. Whether it’s a small home or a small office space, essential adaptations...

Spring clean

Trade body puts the spotlight on textile pests in spring clean season

A spring clean is a perfect opportunity to protect clothes, upholstery and carpets from moths and beetles, British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has advised.

As warmer weather is on the horizon and householders consider a big spring sort out, BPCA is urging people in Devon to take steps now to protect their textiles.

House moths and clothes moths feast on and live in...