How to choose stone for your patio

How to choose stone for your patio

When choosing the most suitable stone for your patio, selecting the right stone supplier is a crucial step in the right direction.

However, that is just the beginning.

Should you do the work all by yourself or hire a professional to do it? What type of stone will complement the look of your home? How much is the entire enterprise going to cost you?

These questions are much...

Mary Youlden

Mary Youlden



Flower garden

Great Ideas to Spice Up the Exterior of Your House

Curb-side appeal is an important part of owning a home, whether you want to increase its value or simply be the envy of your neighbours. The hard part, however, might simply be knowing where to start. Thankfully, you have found yourself in the right place as this guide has been created to recommend five ways that you can spice up the exterior of your house. Read on now for all that you need...

Lawn Care

Summer Lawn Care

Gardens really come into their own during summer time, they provide an extra room for families to gather. Lawns can be enjoyed to their fullest potential, but it also means your lawn will see the most traffic and activity of any season, as the lawn becomes a carpet for garden parties or regular family gatherings and long days spent enjoying the beauty of it.

Therefore it is one of...

Stone wall

Bring More Style to your Buildings with Stone Cladding

If you are looking for a way to switch up the outlook of your house then look no further than adding a stone finish to its walls. Currently, adding stones to the exterior or the interior walls of your house is the most fashionable trend in the interior designing industry. This is such a timeless trend that has been in practice since medieval times and never seems to look outdated.


Red Beetle

Planting for the Newbies: Common Plant Diseases and Pests

Plant diseases and pests are not unusual to the garden. These prevent your plants from performing their best potential and disrupt their growing process. As a result, it can affect food production and interferes with crop yields.

To start, you should first identify and understand the disease. It is essential to be able to understand what type of disease you are trying to deal with....

Lawn aeration

Aeration, why, when and how?

Aerating your turf or lawn is a great way to prep it ready for the summer months. Aeration lets air and water into the soil to encourage better root growth and allows the roots to absorb more nutrients from the soil. It is an important job to do in early spring (March is ideal) After the harsh winter months and when the grass is starting to grow again.

When soil becomes compacted,...

Garden Cinema

Create a whole new garden (tips with a difference!)

Gardens aren’t meant to be a chore. They are meant to be enjoyed. In fact, if you think back to the time at which you first bought or rented your property, one of the standout factors you probably picked up on was the amount of outdoor space (in the sense that more space was definitely a good thing).

If you now look at your neglected garden through a tainted lens, wishing you could...

English Garden

Selling Your Home – The Perfect Lawn

Are you looking to sell your home? Did you know having the perfect lawn can help? According to the National Association of Estate Agents a well-maintained garden can boost the value of a house by up to 10 percent. After all the garden is an extension of your living space, so investing time in making your garden look its best is a wise move for any home owner.

The front garden and...

Lawn mower

Top tips for keeping your lawn looking great during the Spring

After the wet winter months, your lawn may have taken a beating and it now needs a little time to bounce back.

It’s only natural to want to get out and mow your lawn as soon as spring arrives, but the best thing you can do is to encourage nourishment with plenty of TLC and some good feed, which all goes towards putting vital energy and nutrients back into the soil and helps to fight...

Bug houses

How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

If you’re stuck for garden ideas, one way to spruce up your outdoor space while giving back to nature is by attracting wildlife. Not only will it help the plants and animals, but it will also give you a garden full of interesting species.

Don’t worry - you don’t need Noah’s ark or a Pied Piper to attract wildlife – here are some easy ways to nurture the natural world with your...

Summer English Garden

Selling with a south-facing garden? You could be quids in

Research by estate agent comparison site, , has revealed just how much of a bargaining chip a south-facing garden can be for home sellers in current market conditions.

With the evenings getting longer and a ‘mini-heat wave’ hitting this week, we’re all about to remember just how much we love our garden.

A south-facing garden has long been a selling point for...