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Creating a cosy home space this Autumn property

Creating a cosy home space this Autumn

As the darker hours creep in and the weather gets colder, seasonal interior property changes are well underway.

It’s time to wrap up and keep warm as October approaches, and with over one million #cosyhome hashtags on Instagram alone, Prestigious Textiles ’ head designer Marie Goodwin has shared how to create a cosy space this autumn.

From colour schemes to dimmed lighting,...

Top 10 Autumn Interior Design Trends for 2021, According to Pinterest

  • Nature-inspired interior is the most popular interior design trend of autumn 2021 with a massive 287,506 Pinterest pins !
  • In second place, the classy classic contemporary interior trend is back with 190,090 Pinterest pins
  • Privacy is needed this autumn! In third place, room dividers already have 108,708 Pinterest pins
  • From the runway to interiors, silver
  • ...

Seven hotel designs to steal and use at home this summer


With summer fast approaching and travelling abroad still in the balance, UK homeowners are taking to social media platforms to find inspiration on how to bring the memories of being on holiday into their home.

Asking Google for insights, “Hotel interiors for inspiration” has seen a recent surge of 22% followed closely by “How do you bring...

Small living room

8 Innovative ways that will help you fit in furniture when you have small spaces

The increasing trend of small spaces in the US and other developed countries comes with its peculiarities. It can be very difficult to make the transition from having a big space to having a small but it has amazing benefits such as a smaller carbon footprint.

Small spaces present a wide range of challenges. Whether it’s a small home or a small office space, essential adaptations...

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What soap star homes REALLY say about them as interior experts rate their style

Interior experts have scoured the homes of some of our favourite characters in EastEnders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street to reveal what their style says about them.

At the end of 2020, data showed that asking prices in the UK were up 6.6%* compared to 2019, so with this in mind, designers have given their tips on what they’d do differently to improve the value.


Top tips for recreating your perfect home

Top Five Interior Design Trends for 2021

Want to refresh your home for the New Year? As we spend more time at home, experts at Good Move reveal the top interior design trends for 2021, and offer top tips on how you can recreate them in your home.

1. Cottagecore Chic

If you’re into ‘Bridgerton’ and anything Austen-related, this is the aesthetic for you.

Cottagecore has become more popular within the last...