Creating a cosy home space this Autumn property

Creating a cosy home space this Autumn

Katie Court
Authored by Katie Court
Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 14:06

As the darker hours creep in and the weather gets colder, seasonal interior property changes are well underway.

It’s time to wrap up and keep warm as October approaches, and with over one million #cosyhome hashtags on Instagram alone, Prestigious Textiles’ head designer Marie Goodwin has shared how to create a cosy space this autumn.

From colour schemes to dimmed lighting, here are Prestigious Textiles’ recommendations:


Take inspiration from the earth’s natural landscapes for a subtle, yet effective finish. Autumn is an expressive season that boasts incredible nature, putting those elements to good use will result in a stunning room. Marie adds “Use the simplicity of the season’s colours in fabrics, textiles, wallpaper and paint for a subtle and sophisticated finish.”


It’s not just about the appearance, you must feel relaxed too. Layer up different sized cushions and blankets to ensure that you’re as cosy as possible when watching television or reading a book. Marie recommends “accessories like rugs and throws also give you the opportunity to add new colours and textiles into a room.”


Use lamps and dimmer switches to have more control over the lighting. Creating shadows and peaceful nooks throughout the home will create a tranquil atmosphere. Marie says “bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms can all be completely transformed just by adjusting the brightness, experiment with different levels to make your home as comfortable as possible. Complete the look with curtains or Roman blinds for a warm finish to a modern space, whilst also giving you further control of the lighting.”


Colours associated with autumn make for a perfect homely space, mix subtle yellows, rich oranges and deep red tones with earthy browns to create a therapeutic and warming environment. Marie explains “whether painting a whole room, re-upholstering a sofa or adding new accessories, utilising these colours will instantly bring the autumn indoors.”


Experiment with different interior themes to see which suits your home the most. Marie adds “whether it’s a floral or botanical-inspired centrepiece, or a moody modern style, warmth can be found within numerous decorating schemes, so explore the styles you love to create the perfect cosy space.”

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