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The cities that spend most renovating their homes

These are the cities spending over £80,000 renovating their homes
  • Nearly 10% of Brits have spent over £80,000 renovating their homes
  • Southampton, Bristol and Leeds are biggest home reno spenders
  • Property experts reveal the best renovations to make for added value

A new nationwide study of UK homeowners has revealed some have paid over £80,000 to...

Renovation Nation: UK Homeowners Spend £21 Billion On Renovations in 2021

  • Three-quarters (77%) of UK homeowners have invested in their property this year
  • Over half (51%) of UK homeowners said COVID-19 has played a role their decision to invest in their property
  • One in five UK homeowners have spent the majority of their home improvement money on their garden

The annual Renovation Nation Report by the consumer spending...

Homebuyers set to spend thousands on home improvements in 2022 property

Homebuyers set to spend thousands on home improvements in 2022

After a busy year for the UK property market, GetAgent.co.uk has revealed the New Year’s resolutions homebuyers are setting for their home and the improvements they’re planning to spend thousands on in the process.

Above and beyond the aspiration of owning our own property, we also like to make our house a home and for many, this means putting our own personal stamp on it. So it’s...

Do it yourself

11 Expert Tips to Save £11,560 on a DIY Home Renovation

Kitchen – a saving of £7,000

Professional cost: £8,000

DIY cost: £1,000

Refresh your kitchen’s aesthetic with vinyl wrap

Parminder Mew, Construction Director at Darcy Construction, says, “If your worktops are looking a little outdated and you’re seeking an instant solution, covering them with a quartz overlay is a fantastic trick. Quartz overlays simply slot over your...

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5 ideas to inspire your next renovation or DIY project

In Spring, it's not rare to see an increase in home renovation projects, whether that's larger undertakings like home extensions or a small room refresh. It's the perfect season for renewal, and the nicer weather usually means that outdoor projects can be carried out smoothly.

If you're looking for inspiration on renovation projects you can complete this year, in this post, I'll...

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How much does an extension cost in 2021?

Average house extension prices are between £15,000 to £125,000 , but this varies depending on the type of extension you want to have.

Find out more about the cost of extensions in this guide from the National Association of Building Contractors .

How Much Does an Extension Cost?

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Let's get straight to the point.

The average house...


5 Benefits of shopping at an online DIY store

If you are planning a DIY project and you are in need of tools and materials, you might normally prefer to shop at an in-person DIY store. You can easily ask someone for help or advice, and it can be useful to see the products you are buying up close. However, there are a number of benefits to online DIY stores that make them more convenient. Here are five reasons to shop online for your next...

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House extensions: Should you extend or move?

Experts at GoodMove offer helpful tips on the things to consider if you’re deciding whether you should extend or move

Despite the pandemic, the housing market boomed during 2020, and with the extension of the stamp duty holiday until June 30, it is expected that house prices will continue to rise this year.

Unsurprisingly, many people have found themselves feeling as though...