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British Georgian houses in London

The cities Brits least desire to live in 2022

  • 38% said they would never consider moving to London
  • Brits don’t want to buy houses in Birmingham (37%) and Glasgow (34%) either
  • 89% dream of living in York which is more than anywhere else in the UK
  • Neighbours put almost half off buying a house (46%)

The property market has boomed throughout the past 18 months with people moving away from...


Top earners already earning 4.9 times the average UK salary

By the end of this week (24th January), CEOs of FTSE 100 companies will have already pocketed a net income nearly five times that of the average person’s annual wage in the UK, with enough saved to place a 10% deposit on a £1m+ property.

Research by home buying platform, Yes Homebuyers , shows that a CEO of a FTSE 100 company will take home an average net annual salary of £1.9m - and...

Football teams take the top spot for buoyant house price growth.  

Wolves top the house price Premier League

It may seem like it just ended, but the Premier League returns this weekend. While there’s a long road ahead before the champions are crowned, estate agent comparison site, , has revealed which teams take the top spot for buoyant house price growth. pulled house price data surrounding every Premier League stadium to look at current house price pedigree...

Women Work 8 MONTHS Longer to Afford Their First Property

Women work 8 months longer to afford their first property

Buying your first home can be a daunting goal due to the huge cost of getting onto the property ladder. But due to the gender pay gap, this can be even more so for women. were intrigued to discover just how much the gender pay gap in the UK affects women’s chances of buying their first home. They analysed Office for National Statistics data to discover...