Where to live

British Georgian houses in London

The cities Brits least desire to live in 2022

  • 38% said they would never consider moving to London
  • Brits don’t want to buy houses in Birmingham (37%) and Glasgow (34%) either
  • 89% dream of living in York which is more than anywhere else in the UK
  • Neighbours put almost half off buying a house (46%)

The property market has boomed throughout the past 18 months with people moving away from...


Lockdown has made 80% of first-time buyers rethink where they live

Over the past year, the UK has seen a shift in cultural perceptions at work, interacting within the neighbourhood community and even family relationships. According to a recent poll conducted by Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon , the lockdown has impacted the first-time buyers the most, with 80% of under 40s unhappy about they live due to them being far away from loved ones.