UK Homeowners

The cities that spend most renovating their homes

These are the cities spending over £80,000 renovating their homes
  • Nearly 10% of Brits have spent over £80,000 renovating their homes
  • Southampton, Bristol and Leeds are biggest home reno spenders
  • Property experts reveal the best renovations to make for added value

A new nationwide study of UK homeowners has revealed some have paid over £80,000 to...


How UK Homeowners Could Get Their House Off The Market In LESS Than 1 Month

UK homeowners now have the potential to get their house off the market 2 times faster than post-pandemic times. Currently, it takes 27 days to get a home sold in 2021, compared to an average of 69 days in 2019.

Searches for 'houses for sale' and ' property for sale’ have seen double-digit gains since the start of the year, with online searches rising 31% and 27% because of pent-up...