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Rental market takes a step back as demand falls -15% in Q4

Research by estate and lettings agent, Barrows and Forrester , reveals that the UK rental market has taken a step backwards due to Omicron, as rental demand has declined in the vast majority of major UK cities during the final quarter of last year.

The Barrows and Forrester Rental Demand Index monitors rental listings across the nation, taking an average demand score for each major...

Rental Market Hit By Storm As Demand Trumps Supply

The UK rental market sees the lowest supply in almost a decade
  • ‘Room wanted’ ads outnumber ads for ‘rooms available’ on SpareRoom for only the third time in six years. Last time this happened was in September 2019 and before that, August 2015.
  • The demand surge is driven by people coming into the market, rather than moving within it.
  • Out of the UK’s 50 largest towns
  • ...
University of St. Andrews

The universities seeing the highest rental demand from students

The UK’s leading student accommodation platform, UniHomes , has revealed which universities are seeing the greatest rental demand from students as the new academic year fast approaches.

The Student Rental Hotspots Index by UniHomes provides a quarterly look at the UK’s top 100 universities, highlighting which are currently seeing the highest demand for student rentals. This demand is...