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The two London postcodes where you need a minimum of £1m to buy a home

The latest research by central London estate agency, Bective , has highlighted which London postcodes are currently the most active areas of the prime London market based on the level of available stock for sale at the £1m, £3m and £5m thresholds.

Bective analysed the number of total property listings at each price point of the market currently listed online and what percentage of...

Where can I buy a new-build for less than the cost of an existing home this Christmas?

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The latest research from Warwick Estates reveals that new-build homes carry a 40% premium compared to existing properties but that, in some regional markets, new-builds are actually up to 20% more affordable.

With the festive season upon us, many people are keen to buy a new home before Christmas. But today’s housing market is expensive, and new-builds, on...

What are the most Googled property questions of 2021?

What are the most Googled property questions of 2021?

Property experts answer your most Googled property questions of 2021

e know that purchasing a house can be stressful! With average house prices now standing at an average of £270,027¹ there is no wonder that people are turning to Google to answer their burning property questions.

Using Google Search Data², experts at GoodMove have revealed the most Googled property questions...

Which city offers the best chance to buy a grade-listed building?

Research from estate agent comparison site, GetAgent.co.uk , reveals in which cities homebuyers have the best and worst chance of purchasing a grade-listed building.

Buildings are listed when they are considered to be of significant interest or importance to our culture and heritage. Such classification is designed to ensure that the buildings are protected against physical and...

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Almost half of UK homebuyers say ‘Never again’

Research from WiggyWam , the all in one property platform, has revealed that 45% of UK homebuyers found the experience so frustrating that they’ve been put off the idea of ever doing it again.

24% of those homebuyers say that, while the experience has put them off the idea of moving again, they are likely to have to do so at some point in the future due to personal and lifestyle...