Demand for new homes

Homebuyers driving demand for new-builds in these cities

The latest New-Build Demand Index by Unlatch , has revealed that Leeds, London and Cardiff have seen the largest quarterly uplifts in homebuyer demand for new homes in Q2.

The index by Unlatch monitors changing demand for new-build homes across 20 major cities across. Demand is calculated by studying the ratio of new homes already sold subject to contract or under offer as a...

British countryside

Almost 77% of people demand more new homes from the government, but not if it means destroying the British countryside

The latest research by Warwick Estates has revealed that almost 77% of people think that the government needs to build more homes, but if that means introducing Growth Zones or reclassifying Green Belt space, public support starts to dwindle.

With an obvious and well-reported shortage of housing stock across the UK, it comes as no surprise that 77% of people think the government...