Discover the Best Commercial Groundcare Machinery from Balmers GM

Lauren Hemingway
Authored by Lauren Hemingway
Posted: Monday, August 21, 2023 - 11:03

Balmers GM supplies a variety of new and used groundcare machinery from renowned brands such as John Deere, Wessex and Timberwolf.

Here is a short buyer's guide to help you explore some of the best commercial groundcare machinery they have to offer. 

Which commercial mower is the best?

As experts in the field, Balmers GM have a range of commercial mowers to suit each individual requirement, with every piece of groundcare machinery tailored for specific applications.

John Deere Groundcare machinery

Every tractor and mower in the John Deere groundcare lineup is designed for challenging tasks, offering impressive features suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are Balmers' top picks from our selection of John Deere groundcare machinery:

  • Commercial zero-turn mowers: In need of a unit capable of making tight turns? The Z994R provides a quick and easy cut. With a powerful engine and high-capacity deck, it allows for incredible manoeuvrability in every application. 
  • Diesel mowing tractors: The X949 sets the benchmark for diesel mowing tractors with its superior safety and convenience features. It comes with power steering and ample horsepower, guaranteeing outstanding performance. 
  • Compact utility tractors: If you're in search of a versatile option that is larger in size, compact utility tractors make an excellent all-around choice.

Which compact utility tractors are recommended? 

If you are in search of a compact tractor that seamlessly blends control and comfort, the 4R series stands out as the perfect recommendation.

  • The 4066R model comes with an array of intelligent features that make it easy to work all day without getting tired. Perfect for towing heavy loads or enduring the shock impacts required for loader work with its sturdy chassis. 
  • Looking for comfort in all weather conditions? The 4052R Comfortguard cab is fully sealed and designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out, making it the perfect choice for those winter ground maintenance tasks.

Are tractor attachments needed? 

For certain groundcare tasks, you may require tractor attachments for ease of completion. Balmers GM stocks a variety of groundcare machinery and compact tractor attachments, including the renowned Wessex Countryline range.

Balmers top pick from this range is the ever-popular Wessex tipping trailers. Available in 3 sizes, these hydraulic tipping trailers are ideal for hauling a variety of materials. 

When it comes to our overall trailer offerings, Balmers has two new recommendations to add to their lineup - The Towmate RAM general-purpose trailer and the Towmate RHINO, plant trailer.

Are Hustler commercial mowers recommended? 

Hustler is a brand known for innovation and top-quality mowers. With a variety of Hustler mowers in stock, from walk-behind to ride-on, Balmers GM is sure to have something to suit almost any task. Their top picks for commercial machinery from Hustler are: 

  • Hustler Super S stand-on mower. The perfect choice when dealing with tight spaces, the Super S features a compact stance and operator-friendly controls. With its heavy-duty fabricated frame, this mower provides unmatched durability, offering years of effortless running. 
  • If you are searching for the perfect walk-behind mower, the Hustler Trimstar is a top choice for professionals, featuring easy-to-learn steering, low vibration and excellent stability, making it ideal for commercial use.

Which rolling machine is best? 

Rolling and mowing complement each other perfectly, working together to improve surface smoothness and uniformity while addressing imperfections. When it comes to choosing the best roller, Balmers GM highly recommend Tru-Turf.

Manufacturers of the world's leading greens, sports and turf rollers, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of Tru-Turf machinery. Balmers Tru-Turf top picks include: 

  • Tru-Turf RB48 golf greens roller. Perfect for those who are on a tight budget but not willing to compromise on quality, the RB48 roller rolls a 48-inch swath in a single pass. Superb balance and lightweight steering make this roller easy to use, even on the most challenging greens. 
  • If you are looking to maximise your productivity, the RB70 super wide golf greens roller possesses an industry-leading 70” wide rolling swath, allowing you to roll at speed. The patented tri-rollers and contour drive roller ensure smooth movement on challenging surfaces without leaving crease marks.

Which wood chipper is the best? 

Although there isn't a definitive answer to this question, Balmers GM does have a solid recommendation when it comes to wood-chipping machinery - Timberwolf

Specialists in the manufacture of commercial wood chippers, Timberwolf machinery is tried and tested within the industry. From towable to tracked, Timberwolf can satisfy a range of wood-chipping needs. 

  • Part of the towable machinery range from Timberwolf, the TW160PH wood chipper is small but mighty! Perfect for those just starting in the industry, this wood chipper is lightweight, powerful and reliable. 
  • If the job takes you off-road, the tracked wood chippers from Timberwolf are up for the challenge! The TW230VTR is among the tracked machines available and stands in a league of its own. Bigger, stronger and faster than anything else available in its class, this tracked hydraulic wood chipper will get you to the most remote locations quickly. 

Balmers are official distributors of Timberwolf wood chippers and stock a variety of different models and specifications to suit individual needs.

How can Balmers GM help? 

When it comes to groundcare machinery, Balmers GM has grown to become one of the largest dedicated turf machinery dealers in the UK. Their commitment to excellence, unmatched expertise, and a vast selection of premium equipment make them the go-to destination for all of your groundcare machinery needs.

Balmers stock a broad range of brands and models that are suitable for just about any task. Whether it's a large or small area requiring maintenance, they are confident that they have the perfect commercial machinery for you.

Unsure if you want to purchase new machinery?

Choosing between new or used can be a tough decision. But, with an extensive range of both new and used commercial groundcare machinery available, Balmers GM has something for everyone.

Please feel free to contact Balmers GM for more information.

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