The snagging app helping homebuyers and builders to eradicate the old age issue of new-build homes

Olivia Morris
Authored by Olivia Morris
Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 15:30

Buying a new-build home can be daunting, and all too often homeowners can feel out of their depth without the right tools and support to help guide them through the process.

Not only are buyers being lumbered with homes that are unfit for sale and burdened with the responsibility of organising repairs - but developers are also affected, with snags leading to wasted resources, time, labour, and money. So minimising them from the start can reduce wasting these additional resources further down the line.

BuildScan is a mobile app designed to ensure that the construction process works more efficiently and with less margin for error. Construction professionals can use the app to proactively plan, manage, and coordinate their projects from start to finish.

BuildScan can be used to complete inspections, log snags, manage workflow, collaborate with external stakeholders, and generate and produce comprehensive reports, available within the app and exportable in both PDF and excel format. Whether on-site or off-site, the app can be used to list and manage defects and snags to ensure that any errors are quickly identified and rectified in a time-appropriate manner. 

Throughout the build process, the app can be used by a range of different stakeholders, including on-site teams, surveyors and contractors, with all parties able to log and track progress while benefiting from a holistic view of the project.

Upon handover, the app’s value keeps building, enabling buyers to join the dialogue with developers, reporting any issues which can then be managed and rectified via the app’s interface.

This simple to use app goes a long way to mitigating the vast majority of common snagging issues that cause upheaval and inconvenience for developers and buyers alike and is changing the way we build and buy new homes for the better.

New-build homebuyer snagging case study available.

Founder and Managing Director of BuildScan, Harry Yates, commented:

“New-build snagging issues cause as many problems for developers as they do for buyers and the biggest issue when looking to rectify these problems is a lack of visibility and open communication channels between all parties involved.

This was the motivation behind the BuildScan app. We wanted to create a space where developers could easily identify, log and resolve any problems found with a property, but also give them the tools to reduce the number of snagging issues from the get-go. It’s as proactive as it is reactive. By doing so, we believe we’ve created the most powerful tool in a housebuilders arsenal but it goes beyond that.

We appreciate that there will always be some faults that slip through the net and so we also wanted to create a seamless connection between buyer and builder so that any ongoing problems could also be solved in a timely manner.

By connecting both parties, we’re able to break down the existing barriers that often arise when it comes to addressing snagging issues and ensure that homebuyers are happy with the end product that they pay a substantial sum of money for.”