What’s better: A dry or wet roof fixing method?

Mary Youlden
Authored by Mary Youlden
Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - 08:53

For many years, people building houses have chosen the wet roof system as the main roofing option. This is because it is a cheap and easy to install method that consists of sand and cement mortar ridge. It is also very easy to find a roofer to build this type of roofing system.

Nevertheless, the wet ridge roofing method, which has been in existence for more than a century, is no longer the only option.

There's a new method, the dry ridge method.

Since BS 5534 was introduced, new roofs with a dry ridge system should comply with this code of practice.

The availability of these two roofing systems, makes people question which is the better alternative to use.

This article aims to discuss which option is better, the traditional sand and cement mortar wet ridge system or the contemporary dry ridge system.

Tradestore believes presenting features that will show the advantages and disadvantages of both roofing systems, can help you make the right choice.


Both wet and dry ridge roofing are effective but the latter is considerably better.

A dry ridge protects occupants and property more effectively, than the wet roofing system. A wet roof may develop cracks that encourages leaks.

A dry ridge also allows discreet ventilation which is vital for preventing harmful buildup, as ventilation allows a roof to last longer.


When it comes to resilience, a dry ridge system performs better than a wet ridge roofing system.

Over the years various weather elements like sun and rain affect the sand and cement mortar, weakening it. After a couple of years, this type of roof may be blown away by strong wind.

Dry ridge roof tiles are not affected by heavy rain or sun, unlike the wet ridge. These are resilient enough to withstand most weather elements including strong winds.


Another factor that makes the dry ridge roofing a better option, is the stainless-steel screws and tiles used, which allow some level of flexibility. This flexibility enables the dry ridge roofing system to absorb shock from any machinery operated nearby or even earthquakes.

The wet ridge roofing on the other hand has no flexibility whatsoever and won't absorb any shock. This will lead to cracking of the sand and cement mortar.


It is obvious the dry ridge system beats the wet roofing system when it comes to longevity. A wet ridge is vulnerable to many conditions that shorten its life considerably. A dry ridge roofing system on the other hand, offers many years of performance. Experts estimate that dry ridge tiles can last beyond 40 years.


From the information above, it seems like the wet ridge roofing will require constant maintenance. You will probably spend a lot of time, energy and money replacing the cracked or weathered mortar.

Since the dry ridge is resilient to many environmental factors that cause damage to a roof, they are rarely damaged and need little to no maintenance for a couple of years.


Purchasing a wet ridge roofing system is cheaper, but over the years, you could pay a substantial amount of money maintaining it. At some point you may install a better roofing system like dry ridge. Although it will cost you all over again, roofing your house, many residents in the UK are converting their old mortar ridge roofs to dry ridge.

If you can afford to install the dry ridge roofing, you could save yourself money in the long run.

You may want to make the smarter choice and have the mechanically fitted, dry ridge system installed initially. It will last longer than the wet ridge, saving you replacement costs in the future.

You should never worry about the cost of a dry roofing system. Tradestore can help by supplying dry ridge systems, at a very competitive price.


Let's talk about one of the most important but sometimes overlooked factors in roofing.

Homeowners don't just want a functional roof but an aesthetically pleasing one too. They want a roof appearance that blends with the style and colour of their homes.

A wet ridge roof has a few designs in which a roofer can choose from, so you won't lack style for your modern home.


There is no doubt that the dry ridge system is the better alternative for roofing. It offers excellent performance, reliable protection, years of service and great style. From the features of the two roofing options, it is clear that the dry ridge has many advantages, unlike the wet ridge alternative.

The less superior wet roofing systems are just easy to install. Even if it's the cheaper option, it's not the most cost-effective option in the long run.

Tradestore can help provide a high-quality, dry ridge roofing system for you. Contact tradestoreonline.co.uk today for advice on roofing materials.