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Great Ideas to Spice Up the Exterior of Your House

Matthew Miller
Authored by Matthew Miller
Posted: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 09:51

Curb-side appeal is an important part of owning a home, whether you want to increase its value or simply be the envy of your neighbours. The hard part, however, might simply be knowing where to start. Thankfully, you have found yourself in the right place as this guide has been created to recommend five ways that you can spice up the exterior of your house. Read on now for all that you need to know.

Wooden Garage Doors

For garage doors that integrate neatly with your surroundings, you can't go wrong with wooden doors. With the right installation they can look a far more appealing alternative to their metal counterparts, inviting people into your house with a striking look. You can find a great deal on wooden garage doors courtesy of Wooden Luxury.

A Striking Hedgerow

Hedgerows need not look plain or uninviting. With the right amount of dedication and time, you can actually deck them out to be a great expression of your personality, like these hedges in Edinburgh. If you do not have the time to cut the hedgerow yourself, then you can always hire a third-party company that will be willing to service them for you. While there might be some costs involved in this process, it should increase the value of your house, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

A Repainted Front Door

Front doors are one of the first indicators that give potential guests some kind of idea of what your house will look like on the inside. If you find that you are bored with the current front door that you have, or the paint has starting thinning or flaking, then it is probably time to paint it a new colour. Try and find a colour that really speaks to your personality and helps your home to truly stand out. Just make sure that it complements the rest of the house otherwise it could create an unintentionally jarring effect.

Beautiful Flowers

If your driveway has enough space, try and think about how you could create a lovely front garden that signals to those passing by that you are somebody who cares about their home. You can either develop a green thumb and try and install the variety of plants on your own, or you can make use of the services of a dedicated gardener.

A New Fence

Fences stake out the borders of your property, allowing people to see where the street ends and your house begins. If you find that the fence you have is too boring, for example the wood is chipping or it doesn't do enough to show off your property, then a great option is to try and install a new one.

For some classy sheen, why not attempt to replace the fence with an iron railing instead? This is an option that not only keeps your home safe but also projects a true sense of stability in your house.