TV iconic fictional homes given property value

Most expensive Christmas TV houses - Downtown Abbey and others

Laura Bond
Authored by Laura Bond
Posted: Saturday, December 19, 2020 - 09:52

The latest research by national estate agency, Keller Williams UK, has taken a look at some of the UK’s best loved Christmas tele from a property POV and what their homes are worth in a stamp duty holiday fuelled market.

Keller Williams UK pulled together 10 famous TV faces from Mr Bean to Gavin and Stacy, looking at the locations of their on-screen homes and what the same property would cost today based on current house price data.

Downton, Ab Fab and Sherlock take the Christmas tele prime property slots

Gavin and Stacy - £181,961

Fingers are tightly crossed for a 2020 Christmas special but in the meantime, Gavin and Stacy continue life from their two-bed terraced house in Barry in South Wales. Keller Williams UK values the fictional property on Trinity Street at £181,961 in current market conditions, a steal vs the wider average of £253,768 in the area.

Wallace & Gromit - £236,200

Perhaps the best loved animated duo to hit our screens, Wallace and Gromit are a firm favourite at Christmas. The cheese loving duo live in a detached home on 62 West Wallaby Street in Wigan.

Based on current market values for a detached home in Wigan, Keller Williams values their home as the second most affordable in the Christmas tele line up at just £236,200.

Harry Potter - £379,080

4 Privet Drive is now famous as the home of a young Harry Potter and his less than welcoming aunt and uncle. A similar semi-detached property in Bracknell Forest would cost you £379,080 today, a magical £63,000 more than the wider average for the area.  

Mr Bean - £446,000

The calamitous TV icon lives at Flat 2, Arbour Road in Highbury and to snap up a similar flat today would cost you £446,000! 

Only Fools and Horses - £404,285

Not quite miwllionaires but the property market in Peckham has come a long way since the Trotters first moved in. While you might not pay much for a dingy flat in Nelson Mandela House you might not have much choice, the average price paid for a flat in Peckham is a hefty £404,000 today. 

The Vicar of Dibley - £795,000

Another firm favourite back with a Christmas special this year, Keller Williams values Geraldine’s Windmill Cottage in Turville at a godly £795,000 based on current market prices in the Wycombe district.

Bridget Jones - £945,000

If you want to live near Bridget, her one-bed flat near Borough market in London’s SE1 postcode would set you back an eye-watering £945,000; £150,000 more than the wider average in the area.

Sherlock - £2.199m

While it certainly wouldn’t have cost so much in his day, Keller Williams UK values Sherlock’s terraced house on NW1’s Baker Street at a very healthy £2.199m today.

Absolutely Fabulous - £3m

Edina Monsoon’s Holland Park terraced home wasn’t cheap when she claimed to have paid £1.5m back in the 90s. However, she hasn’t done too badly and Keller Williams UK estimated the property to be worth just shy of £3m today and over £600,000 more than the wider average for the area 

Downton Abbey - £137m

Last but certainly not least, Downton Abbey tops the Christmas tele property listings. While it’s pretty much impossible to value such an estate, Highclere Castle, home of Downton, is thought to be worth in the region of £137m.

CEO of Keller Williams UK, Ben Taylor, commented:

“Some of our favourite Christmas tele characters have done better than others when it comes to the appreciation of their property price over the years and some might arguably struggle to snap up the same property based on current market values.

However, the range of homes and values does demonstrate the varied nature of the UK property market and the huge difference in values from one area to the next, particularly when looking at the high cost of buying in the capital.  

To think, you could buy yourself Wallace and Gromits detached home complete with all the weird and wonderful contraptions they’ve added to it, for £800,000 less than the one bed flat from Bridget Jones. I know which one I’d rather spend Christmas in.”